Saturday, February 24, 2007

i hate technology

Once upon a time, there was a tired cynic. She got herself a cynical domain and website, with some cynical email addresses, and a place to keep her history of cynical jobs. Then, years later, our beloved cynic found that her cynical site was no longer supported by the wahoos that originally offered it to her.

Now, the cynic actually kind of liked the features and services the wahoos gave for her hard-earned cash, so she realized that she was going to have to "upgrade" to the newest offerings by the wahoos.

Sadly, the only way to do this was for our cynic to kill her original and simple [though much-loved] website, then purchase a new cynical site from the wahoos [because the wahoos did not provide a simple path to migrate from old to new. And you wonder why our heroine is cynical...].

So she grit her teeth, made copies of her old, simple, yet functional site, and cringingly clicked the "Close My Account" button. Then, a short while later, she opened a new account with the wahoos, promising 24x7 support and lots of swoopy features.

Limbo. Oblivion.

You see, it takes 24-72 hours for the changes to take effect, in spite of the fact that the wahoos hosted both the old and new sites. So our poor cynical domain is floating in the ether, with no cloud on which to rest, until the wahoo changes snake their way through the labyrinth of routes and servers and cables and electrons. Cynical email is left to wander aimlessly, looking for a home, sometimes bouncing back to their possibly-cynical senders, sometimes just waiting, waiting, with puppy-dog eyes, hoping against hope that it will find somebody to love it, read it, and then delete it cleanly, ending its pointless existence with dignity and respect...or perhaps it will be the lucky one, the one-in-a-thousand that gets saved in a folder for posterity, or perhaps even [dare it dream??] get forwarded on to other appreciative audiences.

No cynical email. No cynical bookmarks. No cynical mailing lists. But *plenty* of cynicism...

[We'll see what happens at 72.0001 hours, boys and girls. Stay tuned for further cynical the meantime, if you are trying to reach our cynic, you can use Wahoo, er *Yahoo* Messenger or send email to 'tiredcynic(at)yahoo(dot)com'.]

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