Saturday, March 17, 2007

goodgawddamn, what a show

Just got home from seeing the Sir Mix-A-Lot concert with Susy. It was the absolute best show I've been to. Ever. Opening bands 'Ostrich Head' [bought a CD...seriously tight rap from three guys and a girl. Damn, they were good] and 'The Feed' [gotta love a rap group with violin, bass, drums, and a song about Super Nintendo, complete with "Up down, up down, left right, left right" chorus]. Drinks were good, good, good [that bartender took really good care of us. Boys and girls, trust me on this: arrive at the Red Devil Lounge early, buy a drink [I *highly* recommend the "Strong Island Iced Tea"], and tip the bartender nicely. He will remember you, and serve you before the rest of the throng in that bar rush before the headliner comes on, and he will make your drink extra yummy and extra strong]. The crowd was the most amazingly polite and sharing and interactive and fun crowd I've ever seen, and Mix-A-Lot kicked ass. Serious ass. And now my feet hurt, voice is gone, throat is scratchy, arms ache from waving them in the air, legs are sore from bouncing, ears are riiiiiiiiiiiinging, I'm tired but too wired to sleep...and it was all worth it.

A frickin' awesome night with Susy. Can't imagine doing it with anyone else. And I haven't even mentioned dinner, the pre-show trip to Good Vibrations, scoring the free t-shirt from The Feed, "dancing" with the beautiful [yet anonymous] man in the crowd, the "mono bottle" of Hennessy, needing a clip, sharing the bathroom with a guy [and being called "tough" for doing it], and the other little memories that will make this night one of my favorites for a very long time.

Thanks, rock.

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