Monday, March 26, 2007

rough times in BeanLand

Up most of the night with TheBean again. Really hoping the antibiotics work soon...for both our sakes. She is still going in to the litter pan frequently with little or no luck, still dribbling [to put it gently], and is still "leaking" when she lies down [hence the sacrificial blanket on the bed, and the "Nature's Miracle" in a spray bottle...I highly recommend the stuff]. I have to use baby wipes on her to keep the area clean and lessen the chance of reinfection, which right now is an ongoing battle.

Her leg/hip problems are acting up as well...when she's lying down on her side, every 40-70 seconds [yes, I counted], her left leg jerks and kicks out. As you can imagine, this makes for a sleepless night, since she is in pain, seeking comfort, and thus is up on the bed with me. If she lies on her back or her stomach, it doesn't happen as much, but apparently she's more comfortable on her side...of course.

Yes, yes, I know I could shut her in the bathroom with food, water, and a fact, I did that the first night before taking her to the emergency clinic, so I could monitor her input and output. But it's not her fault she is sick, and I feel a little better giving her some comfort. She's being submitted to enough oddities and indignities; I don't want to compound it by isolating and ostracizing her.

Off to check on her, give her medication and a bribe, and spray the blanket down...keep your fingers crossed for the power of antibiotics.

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