Wednesday, March 07, 2007

thirteen days down

The latest update on 13 days since it went down, and the good news is that there have been incremental bits of progress. I could ping the domain a few days ago, and today the wahoo services page no longer showed my account as 'pending'.

However... [you just knew it wasn't going to be that easy, didn't you??]

...trying to do anything further with the services gave the annoying "This account is currently inactive" error, and mail is still bouncing. Called the wahoos, got a very nice guy named Ralph who told me quite honestly that since I was upgrading a legacy account, it was "pretty difficult". He talked with a tech handling my case(s), and came back with the message that "they are taking this in baby steps", taking it slowly and making sure that everything is done properly. As an IT manager, I definitely appreciate that approach...I would rather spend extra time on the front end to be sure everything is done right, rather than patch it quickly and risk having it go wrong somewhere else down the line.

But darn it, I want my domain back!!

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