Tuesday, April 10, 2007

an anniversary of sorts

Seven years since things went to hell in Toronto, and I couldn't lie to myself about Greg and Amy anymore. Didn't keep me from trying, though, and the next months were some I barely remember and hope to never have to experience again. But somehow I made it through...with the help of friends, people I didn't even realize were friends, my parents, an incredibly sweet man with great timing, a wicked sense of humor, an incredible smile and an acceptance of me that I had never had before, all along with something in myself that just wouldn't let me curl up and fade away [however much I may have wanted to].

Weird to think it's been so many years since all of that. It seems like it just happened, yet it seems like it never happened at all. No, that's not true...it definitely happened, or I wouldn't be who I am today. It still resonates, still hurts sometimes, and the scars will always be there...

...but I made it through it and made it past it, and I'm moving on.

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