Friday, April 20, 2007

calgon, take me away

Running late...Bean had a rough night. She was really hurting, even with the pain medication, and her collar is confusing her and getting in the way when she tries to lie down. Just when she would get settled and I'd start to drift off, she'd twitch and move, get up and head to the litter pan, then make her way back. I ended up lying on the floor for a while; she kept trying to come up on the bed with me, which just isn't good for her stitches.

Tough morning, too, but I finally got her settled down after much petting and soothing. Just gave her pain meds, so hopefully they will take effect soon. Will need to come home during the day today to give the next dose...but I'm glad we've got something for the pain.

Off to quickly scrub and preen and get in to work...

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