Friday, February 29, 2008

i like to think so

Took yet another personality profiling test [this one on Facebook], and here are the results:

You are much more intellectually curious and sensitive to beauty than most. Your beliefs tend to be individualistic and frequently drift towards the unconventional. You enjoy your imagination and the exciting places it takes you!

You are a perfectionist. Everything is planned to the last detail, and consequently you have been very successful. Your pleasures are long-term ones, through seeing your plans come to fruition. You are extremely reliable.

You prefer low-key social occasions, with a few close friends. It`s not that you are afraid of large parties; they`re just not that fun.

You are extremely easy to get along with. You are considerate, friendly, generous and helpful and you consider most other people to be thoroughly decent and trustworthy.

You are generally calm. Although some situations can make you feel emotional, your feelings tend to be warranted.

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