Sunday, March 23, 2008


Good times so far this weekend. Got to hang out with mi mejor amigo finally [no late night calls from the office about servers and databases going down]. Been ages since we've been able to chill with just the two of us...

We went to the movies and saw "10,000 BC", then "Never Back Down". Didn't have high expectations for either one, and ended up having a really good time. "10KBC" was a bit silly [okay, more than a bit], but after a willing suspension of disbelief, we relaxed into it and enjoyed it. It was quite beautiful to watch, very epic, with an amazing scope and scale.

"Never Back Down" was yet another version of a quite trite storyline, but was actually fairly well done. Oh don't get me was fluffy and had its flaws, but some of the characters were very well cast: the asshole pompous dick who is way too full of himself, the frickin' adorable dork friend who just wants to be accepted [and actually ends up with a girl at the end], and my favorite, the chick that the dick is dating and is coveted by the hero of the story. She was a good character, and even better, she wasn't yet another rail-thin stick in a bikini...she had a lovely, real body, and she stood up for herself and didn't just let things happen to her, or wait for some guy to come along and "save" her. We had some concern about the fight scenes [the movie is about MMA, mixed martial arts, and L is a skilled practitioner], but they came through...they showed respect to the art, and according to L, the fight scenes were pretty realistic. A few kicks and hits that, had they been real, would have resulted in hospital visits or death instead of just a momentary knock out and the person shaking it off, but in general, good stuff. We were pleased with the evening.

Afterwards, we hung out, talked, caught up, and then played some "Assassin's Creed" [well, he played, whilst I oohed and awwed and holy's a beautiful game]. Crashed on his couch around 3a, woke up around 9a or so...then watched part of "Appleseed: Deus Ex Machina", some incredible anime [I'm hooked...I must see more].

Made it home around noon, fed the cat, then napped...woke up, hopped into the shower, then met up with another friend for a very relaxing, lazy Saturday of music, food, driving around, movies ["Run Fat Boy, Run" and "Blazing Saddles"], a trip to Micro Center to check out power supplies for his tower, talking, geeking out, chilling. Good times...good times.

And now I'm kicking back, reading some of the comic books I bought at lunch the other day, enjoying life. It's been a good few days.

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