Saturday, March 15, 2008

today was an awesome day

Well, the evening was, anyway. To RWC with S & B to see 'Tainted Love'; dinner and margaritas first, then the show. Quite excellent, as always...first time seeing the new guy [in a Members Only jacket, thank you very much], and verily, he did rock. Much bopping, whoo-ing, fist pumping, and rocking was done...throats are sore, voices are raspy, ears are ringing. All signs of a successful concert.

Spent some time chilling after...driving, talking [me talking way too much...sorry guys], hanging at my place, looking at pics [how boring for the other two], basically coming down from the whole evening. Drop S off at her car, sit talking with B for a while, listening to the rain, then an oddly tired/wired/pensive/melancholy/thoughtful/floaty drive home. Wasn't ready to head inside just yet, so turned around and headed east on San Antonio, to the park at the very end. Sat quietly with my thoughts, some soft music, and the clouds, until I finally had to give in, give up, and come home.

So here I am now, with brain monkeys eeping their way through my thoughts, keeping me from resting.

Frickin' monkeys. Where's a banana when you need one?

[eep eek ook]

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