Saturday, May 24, 2008


Going to my friend Jen's wedding today; wearing a dress and sandals (yup, twice in a dress in less than a month...surely a sign of the apocalypse). Get to my friend Lawrence's place (he's my +1 tonight) and realize that the heel of my shoe is broken. Shit.

We hit the mall, I head into Payless. I scan the shelves...I see a pair, find my size, try one on, grab the box, head to the register.

Elapsed time: less than a minute. I stood in line for longer than it took me to find the shoes.

That's how I roll. :^)


Rowlock said...

Sounds like a damned fine Modus Operandi to me.

Ninja Shopping FTW!

Anonymous said...

My wife refers to that as "man-style shopping". You have a goal, you hit the beaches, you get out.

(And my record for Payless is back in the car with shoes in 4 minutes (most spent waiting to pay).)