Monday, December 22, 2008

not a redhead, sorry

So an ex-girlfriend of a friend of mine "just knows" that he and I have been having an affair for more than a year now [because why else would he have broken up with her?]. She has even had a friend drive by my house and take pictures, and then driven by my house herself, hoping to catch him cheating on her [never mind the fact that they have been broken up for months so it wouldn't have been "cheating" even if anything *had* been going on]. She also apparently made her accusations known in one of her blogs, using my full name...which was then used by both her friend [the one that drove by] and his ex-twice-removed to track me down.

Lucky me, I am now fortunate enough to have been targeted by that other ex too...according to her, I am a redheaded co-worker that has been scamming on him for months. [Hint: check out any number of the pics on my blog here and you'll see that I'm not quite a redhead. For that matter, read back a few months and you'll see that I was quite happily "scamming on" someone else for many room for another guy there, sorry.]

I get needing to blame somebody/anybody for a dying relationship, be it friendship or otherwise...I really do. It's hard to accept that someone doesn't want to be with you anymore, so it's easier to move on if you can hang the 'why' on someone else. And I get lashing out in pain at being left least, I can understand the motivation behind it. But I don't understand actually doing it, especially involving a third party who is outside it all. And I don't like having people that I don't even know make such severe judgments about me, especially when they are based on assumptions and conjecture that have no root in fact.

So now here I am, having to research restraining orders and subpoenas for logs and email, for three different people whom I have never met and never had anything to do with, just in case I am forced to take action. Can't say I ever expected to be in this situation... >.<

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