Monday, May 04, 2009

lumpy days

A good weekend, though a lumpy one. Been running on fumes for the past few months, and it's catching up...very 'meh' mood, that 'don't wanna' slump that hits and seems to greatly increase gravity under you and keeps you from wanting to do much of anything.

Still managed to get stuff done and have fun, though: saw the new Wolverine movie [good as a movie, but some *terrible* continuity errors and really annoying plot parts that were introduced then just totally ignored], Will took me up to Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton [hurrah for 120 year-old telescope and 120" new telescopes], we watched two Star Trek movies, did dishes, dirtied dishes, made spaghetti [hence the dirty dishes], slept in, bummed around, fed the cats, played with the dogs, chilled, played EQ2 [well, he played while I spectated], bought some board games and brought some of mine down to his place for future playing [Mille Bornes FTW], random chilling and wandering.

Heh...guess it was actually pretty packed for being totally lumpy and lazy. <grin>

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