Monday, June 15, 2009

weird place

Had this weekend pretty much to myself, and realized it was the first one I've had in a very long time...pretty much since before Mom died. And it was weird...there's been so much drama since then, big and little, that I've not really had any downtime to assimiliate it all. And it's still happening: family drama still going on [heavy sigh], found out that I'm apparently still being stalked by Will's exes [sigh], work is a paycheck [good] but not a fit for me [not as good], I haven't had the energy to get as much time on my motorcycle as I'd like [sigh], I'm sad for the drama going on in the lives of a couple close friends [sending love to them], and other random things that add to the day-to-day juggling.

So this weekend alone was good in the 'assimilation of a lot of crap that's been going on' sense, but hard in the 'feeling up and that all is right with the world' sense. I know I'll get there...and part of getting there involves exactly what this past weekend provided: solitude, the ability to just be in my own skull for a while and let things rattle about in whatever way they need to. But darn it, I want to get there faster...harrumph.

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