Tuesday, July 07, 2009

quick update, more later

Good weekend, though it ended on an icky note. Much relaxing and chilling and movie watching; went to Hiller Aviation Museum and played in a Blue Angels' cockpit and a 747 engine [pics to come]. Kept the aviation theme going with an awesome flight with Will and Pilot Nate, flying around and about and generally south, landing at the Monterey airport for lunch. Four F-16s took off just after we got there, and we got to watch from the side of the runway [words can't describe just how amazing that was]. Two F-18s were ahead of us on the runway as we left, so we got to see them take off from a pilot's eye view...loved the tower warning us about possible turbulence from their engines.

It got ickier after that...something I ate didn't agree with me [we suspect the fish and chips, since Will was suffering too]. Unhappy innards, restless stuck-at-home sick day, but a very sweet and patient man to share it all with [gee, lucky him]. Back at work today...not really feeling better, but have too much to do to lose another day [darn it].

With luck, I'll get some pictures of the good stuff posted soon...

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