Tuesday, December 29, 2009

back to it

The 'day of rest' didn't quite turn out that way...stuff came up to get done, things people needed to get out of the house while they could, visitors coming over, and an annoying inability to nap [sleep has been eluding me lately...go fig]. But it worked out, and Dad was able to cross some things off his list, which is good.

Today is more 'crossing off'...heading "into town" to get some things mailed out, run random errands, and [with luck] eat at one of Dad's favorite burger/fries places [hello, Tom's...we shall see if your burgers and fries can compare with your ever-so-delicious handmade candies]. There was some pretty good snow and wind all day yesterday, so it will be interesting to see how the roads are...they are pretty good at keeping them clear around here, but when you've lost your snow-driving skills after many years in California, even a little bit keeps you on your toes. My guess is I will get re-acclimated to driving in winter weather just about the time all the storms stop and things clear up...

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