Sunday, February 21, 2010

a frustrating night

Second time I've had to file a police report for vandalism while parked at Will's place. On my brand-new, barely-four-months-old car. The first time was a few days before I went on leave to spend time with dad...some young guys were on a spree in the area, hitting cars with high-velocity globs of some sort of soap or cream [the most likely theory was that they had attached a canister of the substance to a paint gun, propelling it in rapid bursts]. It washed off and there wasn't any damage, but it was still very annoying and very frustrating.

Last night I was house/dogsitting for Will while he is on a business trip...I had just fed the dogs when I heard POP POP POP noises. I flashed back on the earlier incident and ran outside to see what was going on. Eggs. All over the car, the driveway, and the garage door. Saw a car zooming away, so was able to get a description for the police. The officer showed up very quickly and was very good, very professional, very sympathetic. Took the report, got the details, gave me the case card...a routine I'm now very familiar with.

So I spent a few hours in the dark washing my car and trying to clean egg out of the inside of the car and off the netting under my sunroof...there is still yolk in the tracks and runners, and you can hear shells crunching as it closes. Short of taking it to the dealer and disassembling it, there is no way to get to everything [sigh]. And this time there is damage: chips in the paint from the shells, and the yolk has damaged the sunroof netting. It was too dark to see if the dripping yolk damaged the upholstery, so crossing my fingers that I got it cleaned up soon enough.

Will is very frustrated and disgusted with his neighborhood...I texted him after it happened, and he felt horrible. He's never really liked the place; it's old, falling apart, nasty hard water, old pipes, old appliances. But the location [near highways, right by one of the fire stations he works at], the yard for the dogs, and the rent were good, so he stayed. He felt really bad when I told him it happened again, offered to pay for getting the car cleaned and any repairs needed [of course I told him not to worry about it].

So this morning I head back down to feed the dogs, scrub off the garage door, then out to get the car cleaned again and inspect it in daylight. One more thing to add to the pile...sigh.

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