Thursday, April 08, 2010

murphy, you sly dog

Still sick...much sicker than I've been in a while. Coughing...a lot. Which leads to trouble breathing, trouble sleeping, trouble moving, blah blah, et cetera, et cetera. Those annoyingly persistent coughs that start out shallow and long-running, to the point that you are either nearly dry-heaving from coughing so hard, or you run out of breath and end up making some weird squeak-huh-caff-keh noise that is cut off as the air runs out. Then when you are nice and sore from those intense ab exercises, and your lungs are aching, something breaks loose and you segue right into those deep, rumbly, juicy ah-HOK-COF-COF[breathe]COF-KA-COOOOFFFFF beasties.


So when I said I was looking forward to not having to go to work so I can recover from this thing, I wasn't kidding. It's tenacious, and from the sounds of it, many other folks have been fighting something similar for a while themselves. Hence the golden glow of anticipation at days and days ahead with nothing to do but medicate, be as still as possible, and let my immune system do its thing.

Enter Murphy, that right bastard of the "going wrong" law.

This past Saturday, a friend of Will's had a massive birthday celebration: breakfast out, time at a huge trampoline center, lunch, then some indoor skydiving, followed by dinner and games. I was hoping that I would be cough-free [or at least cough-resistant] in time, but I wasn't, damn it, and I didn't dare bring germs to this gathering of adults and children. So Will took on the burden of representing both of us [poor guy :^) ] and proceeded to have much fun.

Followed shortly by seriously torquing his ankle. Which was followed by ice and elevation, and very soon after that came the trip to Urgent Care for xrays and a professional eye to look it over. Thanks to the miracle of digital xrays, the doctor was able to diagnose it there...sort of. It's never a good thing when a doctor looks at your xray and says "huh...that's weird". There was an errant bit of bone [a 5mm "ossified fragment"] that shouldn't have been there. The doctor needed radiology to look the xray over, and they weren't available until Monday, so we headed home with a bandage and instructions to elevate, ice, stay completely off it, and call back Monday afternoon for results.

So the weekend was spent with poor Will going nearly mad, being stuck on his hinder with his foot in the air. And I didn't get much rest, sadly...there were meds to pick up, groceries to stock for a week of being house-bound, cats to get taken care of so I could stay down south with Will, food to prepare, dogs to feed and let out/in as needed, ice packs to get, and so on.

But there is good news: the radiologist said that the bone fragment looked like it was from an old injury [which surprised Will], so he is under instructions to keep it wrapped, ice it, heat it, and spend a few days off of it. He's walking now, looking pretty bad-ass limping around with a cane, and the swelling is slowly going down [though the bruising is blossoming nicely]. I'm slowly getting healthier, though I'm not too proud to admit that this thing is kicking my ass and hard.

In spite of all that, things are trending upward. And I guess you can't ask for much more than that, can you?

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