Tuesday, May 04, 2010

read my fortune

Rough night...was cleaning up a spill on the floor and felt a sharp pain. Looked down at my hand to see a small chunk of glass lodged in my palm. Touch your thumb to the tip of your pinkie. See that crease it makes at the base of your palm? Now imagine a half inch slice at about a 45 degree angle right across that crease...and make it about an eighth of an inch deep, right into the meat of the palm. A half-inch cut wouldn't be that bad, except it's on a very awkward, much used spot that is hard to bandage and hard to immobilize. And an eighth of an inch doesn't sound like much, until it describes the depth that a sharp piece of glass has cut into your palm.

Ow. :^(

(btw, I'm loving the irony of spending a weekend cleaning up a bear-ravaged cabin with no injuries, only to come home and draw blood cleaning up a bear-free home. oy.)