Thursday, August 26, 2010

another year goes by

This birthday was a rough one. Will managed to get time off for a long weekend for me, but the poor guy was sick for most of it, so we spent it giving him time to recuperate. A bummer...but the hardest part was this being the first birthday without Dad.

He always sent flowers...every year, without fail, there would be a bouquet, a vase, a live plant, something from Dad. Flowers from Dad, a phone call from Mom, year in, year out. Those were the two things that meant the most to me on that day of mine. I'm not much of a "my birthday"'s another day, I don't expect fanfare and folderol, but Mom and Dad were the two people I did celebrate it with. Then Mom died, and I had my first birthday with just Dad...and this year, he was gone.

Like I said...a rough one.

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