Saturday, March 16, 2013

progress is being made

There have been painters cranking away on the inside of house since Wednesday, painting pretty much every wall and ceiling in the place. These guys have been working their asses off, nine hours a day, eight in the morning until five in the evening...they are awesomely thorough, very detailed, and very considerate. They've been filling holes and sanding where needed, and even put up with us having to make a paint color change after the first day [in a house with a lot of sunlight, bright white paint is *not* the solution you thought it might be >.< ].

[And can I just say that trying to pick a color of paint is more mind-melting than you would think? It's easy to say "we want a light tannish color"...but do you want "Wise Owl", "Baby Turtle", "Moroccan Sand", or "Malted Milk"? Even scarier is finding out you actually have an opinion about each of those colors...buh.]

So one more obstacle to moving in is being knocked down...a few big ones are left [new water heater and recirculator, getting the garage done], then it's fair game for moving in. Which means time to get serious about packing...eep.

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