Monday, December 14, 2015

a not so silent night

Another year, another Live105 Not So Silent Night. This time we were VIPs through Oracle Coliseum's O Club (instead of through Live105 ticketing directly), and it fizzled...the seats were good, pretty much right next to the stage (though to the side of the speakers), but the program is so new that there are still glitches with the private parking and entry. Sadly, the delays caused by those glitches meant we missed the first band, X Ambassadors, but soon Will, two of our friends, and I were in with drinks in hand (and in the case of me and Will, earplugs in ears).

This year, the line-up was X Ambassadors, Foals, Chvrches, Halsey, Silversun Pickups, Bastille, Death Cab for Cutie, and Weezer. Bastille were awesome, Death Cab disappointed a bit (their sound mix was off and the lead singer's vocals were a bit muddled, and they spent a little too much time noodling and playing instrumental bits, which lost the crowd), and Weezer frickin' rocked it. I looked it up: Rivers Cuomo is 45 years old, and he was belting and running around the stage and had the crowd amped up. They alone made it worth going.

A few random thoughts for me to giggle over when I re-read this years from now:

* I was cracking up at the surplus of skinny jeans, bushy beards, and hair cream. Band and audience alike.

* Rivers was wearing skinny jeans. You go, old man.

* I know a *lot* more Weezer songs than I thought.

* The crowd was generally much younger than I want to admit.

* The crowd knew a lot more Weezer songs than I would have thought, especially given the whole age thing.

* My friend Susy was there too, but we ended up on opposite sides of the floor. We spent parts of the night waving to each other, texting our observations about the bands, and giggling at one thing or another.

* We had an awesome conversation on the ride to the show. Rambling, deep, personal, fluffy, crass, of those rare organic conversations that you can't force, they have to just happen.

* Even with the entry snafus, the O Club membership is pretty cool. You pay for the privilege, and you have to put some effort into making sure you get your money's worth out of the tickets, but it's a cool way to get access to events through the year.

* I knew more lyrics and more of the songs than some of the younger (hipper) folks in the audience. Heh.

* Ye gods, I'm old. Or the crowd is young. Or a painful mix of both, more likely.

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