Saturday, May 07, 2016

and now we know at least part of the answer

Whenever people ask us how we met, Will and I say "at work". When they ask *when* we met, we kind of shrug and say "not really sure, sometime late 2007/2008ish, maybe?"

Thanks to the magic of Facebook, we now know that eight years ago on this day, May 7th, we had at least learned each other's full names:

Collage details, clockwise from the top right:

"Disneyland is full" - We went to Disneyland on our honeymoon for their Leap Day "24 Hours of Disneyland" and were greeted with this sign while stuck in traffic for four hours to go about three miles (no joke).

Vegas 2014 - That's us peeking out from the background with Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method in the front center. We did a "be part of the band" thing and had dinner with Ken and Scott (aka "The Crystal Method"), their manager, Ken's parents and brother, and some family friends. After dinner, we hung out with everyone as Ken and Scott played, with much partying, dancing, drinking, and fun being had. (Ken's brother Frank is between us in the photo...Frank is the one who painted the portrait of our dinner with everyone that night).

Memories of our time at the "Pure McLaren Driving Experience" - We flew to London for a few days, then headed to Woking for a tour of the McLaren factory, dinner in the country with Frank Stephenson (designer of the McLaren MP4-12C (and the 2002 Mini!)), an awesome time screaming around Goodwood racetrack in McLarens, and an equally awesome driving them through the English countryside and city streets (that's when I realized the McLarens were just as viable street cars as they are track cars).

Stacy and Will in the car - That's our friend Stacy ("the other Stacy" or "No-E Stacy") going for a ride in the McLaren. I giggle at Facebook choosing a picture of another Stac(e)y for this collage.

"Will Lawton is married to Stacey Lawton" - The inset pic is from our trip to the World IPv6 conference in Paris; we are at the top of the Eiffel Tower, pointing at the "United States is this direction" placard. When we changed our relationship status on Facebook, that's the picture the algorithm that it makes it look like we are pointing at the announcement of our marriage. :^)

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