Tuesday, August 09, 2016

and no one is surprised

I've mentioned my friend who has been dealing with a situation similar to what I did a few lifetimes back (long relationship brought to a sudden end, a co-worker who was a bit closer to the other person than had been claimed, the rebuilding of a life and trust and all of the other collateral damage that went with). Well, their ex who "needed some time alone" and "needed to find out who they were on their own" married that "they are just a good friend" co-worker, and the news has come out that the couple are now expecting.

And once again, I am thankful that I went through my situation before the age of in-your-face social media. While I get to go through my life without knowledge of what my ex might be doing or with whom, my friend catches more news and info from social media than they want, need, or would like. Even after scrubbing friend lists, tightening permissions, and cleaning up connections, there are still the tenacious tendrils of social gossip that get passed and shared and whispered, eventually making it back to the person who is simply trying to put it behind them, move on, and move forward. They share a child, which makes it awkward enough; in today's age, they also share friends who share newsfeeds and pictures and posts, and the overlap can make for some rough times.

Serious respect to my friend for how they are handling it all.

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