Saturday, September 17, 2016

a flight for Lucy-fur

One of my closest friends, who has had some really bad luck in the past few years (seriously, fuck the universe sometimes), got hit again: their awesome fourteen-year-old dog Lucy died earlier this week. It's hit the household pretty hard, especially on top of everything else they've had to deal with lately.

The next day, Will and I did a Pilots N Paws rescue flight to bring a pup from a shelter in Fresno to a foster home in Palo Alto...the timing was right, and it seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the sweet fuzzy four-footer that had been such a big part of my friends' lives and those who knew them.

The view leaving KPAO. :^)
Coming out of the clouds on the way to Fresno

There was land under there somewhere.

Sugar, loving the warm concrete and belly scritches
before the flight to her new foster home.

Flying over Moffett Airfield on the way home.

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