Sunday, July 09, 2017

poor pepper kitty

Figures that my first post in a while would be a bummer. Poor Pepper had to make an unexpected vet visit today...turns out he has a potential ruptured anal sac (!!), with a heart murmur that makes treating him a bit tough.

He gets to spend the next week being doped up and the coming two weeks receiving bum washes and warm compresses multiple times a day, while wearing a soft collar/cone-of-shame that has him extremely confused. Because we also have the dog, it means Pepper has to be in a room of his own (to keep the dog from bothering him, his food, or his litter), which in turn means I will be spending much of the next week hanging out on the floor with the cat to keep an eye on him and make sure he eats and drinks (and finds his litter pan). Once the two weeks are up, he goes back to see how he is healingm, what the next steps will be, and how we can address the heart murmur.

Poor little guy.

(And to whinge a little: All of this hit on a day that the nerve damage and pain were really acting up, the fallout from a long day prior spent driving to and from Sonoma to hang out with friends during a three-day private track event at Infineon. Add in 95 degree heat and lots of running around to different stores to get supplies for poor Pepper, and it's been just a ducky day with more to come. >.<)

Friday, October 07, 2016

she's here

A bit ahead of schedule, but she's here. Longer post later.

Monday, September 19, 2016

"I'm a *real* boy!"

An awesome day yesterday, in which I got to be a functioning, normal human being: barbecuing, hanging with friends, swimming, beering, lounging on floaties in the pool, listening to music, catching up on life, kvetching, commiserating, laughing, relaxing.

Had to make some concessions to the neuralgia, and it's rebounding hard today, but it was worth it (plus we finally got to test out the giant inflatable swan float <grin> ).

(And can I say that it still feels weird to have 90+ degree days in mid-September?)

Saturday, September 17, 2016

a flight for Lucy-fur

One of my closest friends, who has had some really bad luck in the past few years (seriously, fuck the universe sometimes), got hit again: their awesome fourteen-year-old dog Lucy died earlier this week. It's hit the household pretty hard, especially on top of everything else they've had to deal with lately.

The next day, Will and I did a Pilots N Paws rescue flight to bring a pup from a shelter in Fresno to a foster home in Palo Alto...the timing was right, and it seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the sweet fuzzy four-footer that had been such a big part of my friends' lives and those who knew them.

The view leaving KPAO. :^)
Coming out of the clouds on the way to Fresno

There was land under there somewhere.

Sugar, loving the warm concrete and belly scritches
before the flight to her new foster home.

Flying over Moffett Airfield on the way home.

Saturday, September 10, 2016

random stuff and brain dumps

The latest "big news": Will passed his IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) check ride, so he's now an officially certified IFR pilot. Translation for non-piloty people like me: he can now fly in "inclement weather conditions" like clouds, fog, rain, low visibility (like smoke from California wildfires), and so on. The next big step is to get his commercial rating, but that's a little bit away; in the meantime, he'll probably work on his seaplane, retractable gear, and tail dragger endorsements (endorse ALL the things!).

The reason he's not going after his commercial license right away is another bit of news that we've been keeping quiet: budgeting and time and energy and plans are going towards prepping for the new arrival. Carving up space, figuring out logistics, doing the money math, all the brain juggling and second-guessing and anticipation are now getting squeezed, since it's "about that time". Time flew, months went by faster than they felt, and now it's crunch time. Stress, excitement, anxiousness, and a strong need for it to just be done with already.

Speaking of arrivals: we had some unwanted roommates a little while back. We were taking the dog out one morning and saw bits of paper and insulation loose on the garage floor. Checked the cameras and saw we had some guests (watch the lower right):

Traps worked brilliantly, and we ended up "evicting" one large adult and five smaller rats. The last one was rather sad and awkward, though. We were having the weather barrier on the garage door repaired, and the workman had brought his eight- or nine-year-old son to help out (the kid actually worked pretty hard, it was cool to watch them). As we were standing around chatting, a tiny little rat poked his head out from under a cabinet, the started slowly walking out towards the driveway. Will was able to grab a thick glove and just pick the poor thing up; it was so weak and hungry that it was easy to catch. The awkward bit came when the boy asked us very sweetly and curiously what we were going to do with it (no way in hell was I going to tell this kid that it was doomed to die, so I just told him it was a very good question). He was fascinated by it, suggested we could keep it as a pet, even asked his dad if he wanted to keep it (dad said no). We ended up wimping out and just letting it go a ways down the road...let nature decide if the little guy would survive (it would be just my luck for him to not only survive, but to bulk up and come back looking for revenge >.< ). No signs of other family members so far, and the dog hasn't seemed to smell anything lately, so crossing fingers we got them all.

Got my "You joined Facebook nine years ago!" thing a little bit ago. I avoided signing up for Facebook for ages, but finally had to once I started working for them. So crazy how time flies, and it's completely and totally bonkers how that one job decision pretty much shifted my life onto a completely unexpected path. Just like a gazillion years ago when another fortuitous job offer led to living in California and all that followed from there, I never would have thought that taking my manager up on his "Hey, come consult with me over at Facebook" offer would have brought me where I am now. A butterfly flapped its wings, indeed.

In the middle of the cool stuff is some less-cool stuff: I'm still dealing with trigeminal neuralgia. I've gone on about it before, so I won't bother this time...just a short note to say "fuck this noise". Blergh.

Lots of other small things going on: swapped out the tri-color emblem on my car with a monochrome one, looks awesome (now just need to get new rims that match); spent a fair chunk of time playing the new game "Obduction", from the folks that did Myst and Riven (it was fun to play a puzzle/brain game again, I miss those); birthday was low-key and mellow, which is how I like it; cat is still catting, dog is still dogging, snake is snaking, we have rabbits and deer and coyotes and the occasional bobcat visiting; Will is out-playing me in Diablo 3 this season, which is rare (usually I have more patience with the leveling and gear hunt, but this time he's kicking ass and is carrying my toon through leveling); Karen and I saw "Kubo and the Two Strings" and really liked it (and had to laugh at the fact that we were surprised that we liked it so much); found a big four-foot long inflatable swan raft thing for the pool (on sale!); found some amazing art at Disneyland (two originals and a print) that we need to get hung on the walls; a thousand other things that seem important in the moment, then fade into puffs of memory as time flows on.

So basically, life. Small things, big things, scary things, exciting things, annoying things, frustrating things, good things, better things. Change and not-change, go with the flow and fight the tide. Choose your battles, win some, lose some. Cliché, trite saying, homily, quote, paraphrase, wrap up, salutation, save and commit.


Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Before he died, I took time off from work and life to be with my dad. In that precious month or so that we had together, we shared a lot of laughs, tears, regrets, frustration, stories, love. One thing he said resonated with me, and is something I carry with me to this day:

"Ah, kiddo, life is short and fickle. When you have the time and the health, you don't have the money. When you have the health and the money, you don't have the time. And when you have the time and the money, you don't have the health.

If you ever find yourself in that place where all three line up, run with it. Make the most of it. Because it won't last forever."

He was a wise man, my father.

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

and no one is surprised

I've mentioned my friend who has been dealing with a situation similar to what I did a few lifetimes back (long relationship brought to a sudden end, a co-worker who was a bit closer to the other person than had been claimed, the rebuilding of a life and trust and all of the other collateral damage that went with). Well, their ex who "needed some time alone" and "needed to find out who they were on their own" married that "they are just a good friend" co-worker, and the news has come out that the couple are now expecting.

And once again, I am thankful that I went through my situation before the age of in-your-face social media. While I get to go through my life without knowledge of what my ex might be doing or with whom, my friend catches more news and info from social media than they want, need, or would like. Even after scrubbing friend lists, tightening permissions, and cleaning up connections, there are still the tenacious tendrils of social gossip that get passed and shared and whispered, eventually making it back to the person who is simply trying to put it behind them, move on, and move forward. They share a child, which makes it awkward enough; in today's age, they also share friends who share newsfeeds and pictures and posts, and the overlap can make for some rough times.

Serious respect to my friend for how they are handling it all.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ghost saving

The details promised in my earlier post:

A while back, Disney made a limited edition three-box Haunted Mansion subscription available...once a month for three months, you get a box with various items related to the Haunted Mansion. Each item was part of an alternate reality game; you scan the items with a smartphone app, which then give clues to free the spooks and specters that had been trapped by a mysterious fog. Very cool, very well done.

The boxes included some neat memorabilia: ghost and ghoul card sets and spooky things you did with them to help find clues; a tea cup and saucer set with a subtle Haunted Mansion theme; a shadow box that used your phone to project the singing Grim Grinning Ghosts onto their graveyard busts; a little player piano that tink-tink-tinked the songs from the cardboard strips you fed through; a full deck of playing cards with skulls and ghosts and other eerie designs instead of hearts, spades, et cetera; newsletters written by the ghosts, messages revealed by wiping letters with damp towels or freezing the paper, a Ouija-style board that let you use a heavy bat token to talk with the trapped ghosts, lots of other fun interactive things. Will, Noelle, and I did the boxes together, boggling at the work it must have taken to make it all happen.

Disney also included an additional "in park" bit...with the app and bluetooth, you followed clues and interacted with things at the park. Esmeralda, the gypsy fortune teller, though marked "Out of Order", would talk to the right person (aka, someone with the app) and give them a special reading. She gave you special cards that led you to the trapped ghosts, three in total. One was at the Palm Reader, where you knocked, she knocked back, the curtains moved, and if you followed the pattern of her knocks correctly, she was released and you got to hear her thanks through the app. Another was trapped in a compass by the river; once you got the compass aligned, he too gave his thanks. The third was trapped in a nickelodeon music player in Frontierland...when you walked up, it activated and started playing a cacophony of drums, piano, cymbals, and so on. You raised your hands in front of the player to "get the ghost's attention", then had to wave your arms like you were conducting an orchestra; if you stopped, the music stopped. After a bit, the music changed to the familiar "Grim Grinning Ghosts" refrain, and presto, the ghost is now free.

The icing on the cake was that you got to go to the Haunted Mansion, show a cast member the proper screen on the app, and tell them that you were "a friend of Victor" (one of the ghosts). They hustled you to the front of the line, announced you to the next attendant, and you got to immediately head in. Once there, you were handed off to another cast member who led you right to special cars on the ride...these cars had audio of the happy, free ghosts thanking you for your help. Too fun.

And just yesterday, a final gift from Madame Leota arrived: a lenticular portrait that morphed between your face (using a picture you took when initializing the app) and a spectral creepy ghost/skeleton. A total surprise, and an awesome one (though if I'd known, I would have taken a much better picture when I first used the app four months ago :^D ).

When I first grabbed up the Ghost Post boxes, I assumed they were just standard "loot crates" with a Haunted Mansion theme. I had no idea they were going to be a full interactive experience, and it was a very cool surprise. There were only 999 boxes available, so were were lucky to grab ours, and we are very glad we did.

you take the good, you take the bad

Been a weird mix of yays and boos these past few months, which is partly why I haven't written anything in a while.

Still dealing with the trigeminal neuralgia; I'm having to face the uncomfortable fact that this is going to be a longer-term battle than hoped. Lots of stupid random shit has hit in a short time, things that wouldn't be a big deal on their own, but when piled into a short timeframe become extremely tiring. A friend going through detox. The SUV windshield getting hit by a rock on the way back from that friend's house and requiring a $3000 replacement. Finding out the windshield warranty sold as a "no-worry warranty" actually only covered the glass and not labor (sigh). A toilet leak (minor, but annoying). Needing glasses again because of the shingles and the corneal lesions it caused (blergh). Friends in pain and that helpless feeling that goes with. High water bills (in spite of having cut back by almost 50% over last year) because of "emergency drought pricing" and the water district using a "district-wide average" to determine allocation, rather than how some other water districts do it using per-location or per-neighborhood data. Flat tires (on trailers and cars and planes, including Will having a full-on tire blowout when landing at Columbia (the city, not the country)). Packages being mishandled. Weird drama from a flight instructor (their drama, not ours) that threw schedules into a tizzy. Early morning cat horking. Mid-day dog annoyances. Gophers and moles doing what gophers and moles do. Lots of "perfect storm" kerfuffles while getting my car clear-wrapped. Basically the whole "death by a thousand papercuts" thing...lots of low to middling issues hat hit in a compressed time, leading to brain frying and tiredness and a general "oh for fuck's sake, what now??" feeling.

And then there is the good. We found a giant five-foot long inflatable swan for the pool (heh). Cool Disney art found, acquired, and actually hung on the walls. My car is now wrapped and happy, and I found an awesome monochrome badge to replace the standard tri-color one on the hood. We managed to snag a couple of the Disney "Ghost Post" subscription boxes and had a lot of fun doing the alternate reality game that was part of it (including saving ghosts at the park...more on that in another post). Ducati North America asked Will if they could display his Superleggera at World Superbike at Laguna Seca (he did, it was cool). Got to drive a friend's military HumVee (and seriously contemplated picking one up at auction...luckily we don't have the room to store another vehicle). Will flew us out to Castle Air Force base for the "Open Cockpit Day" at the air museum there, and it was awesome...lots of history, cool stories, plus we got to walk through the interior of a decommissioned Air Force One. A drive up to Sonoma in the McLaren for our friends' "Live On, Drive On" car show (and I even won stuff at the raffle!). A successful test of a robotic vacuum (Neato brand) has led to a more consistently clean house (plus yay, robot vacuum!). Movies shared, laughs had, quiet times, exciting times, good times with good friends.

Speaking of good times: Disneyland! Whoo!! Took a long, long overdue trip to Disneyland with Will and Noelle. Will flew us down (huzzah for SevenCharlieSierra, our favorite Cessna 182) and much fun was had by all. Rides, food, walking (so much walking), relaxing mornings in the E-Ticket Lounge, dinner at Club 33 (that was an amazing time, made even better by the company), and the aforementioned "ghost freeing" (more details about that in another blog post).

So yeah. In spite of the grumblings and frustrations and the stupiddumbannoyingpainful neuralgia, life is still good. It would be nice to have the individuals highs and lows spread out a little bit, just for sanity's sake, but overall, I really can't complain. Well, I can (and do), but I also appreciate the pluses in the middle of the minuses...and am fortunate that the good outweighs the bad.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

shiny, clean, and protected

Because the universe is a right cruel bastard/bitch, two months after taking delivery of my car last year, I was swept up in the ever-so-entertaining world of shingles and its "uncommon complication" postherpetic neuralgia. On my trigeminal nerve, no less, with optic nerve and corneal involvement. So in addition to the pain (holy shit, the pain, great googly moogly), I was also gifted with no vision out of my right eye for months (which in turn caused the left eye to squint and water), then extremely limited use of the eye for another month after that. Plus medications that played merry havoc with my balance, memory, digestion, speech, and (oh, cruel irony) visual acuity.

All of that combined meant my poor car sat for six months, sad and forlorn, the red light of the trickle charger blink-blink-blinking away. For another three months after that, I wasn't able to drive for any distance or useful period of time, so minimal miles were added to the poor thing's already neglected odometer.

I'm still fighting the neuralgia, still fighting the pain, but it's finally settling into a routine. I'm much more familiar with the triggers, the twitches, the nausea, the fallout, the rebound, and the exhaustion that come with living with nerve damage and chronic/constant pain. That means I can start driving more (huzzah!), and to celebrate and because he's awesome, Will arranged to have my car fully clear-wrapped by our friends at SS Customs (they've done multiple cars of ours, including the camo wrap on the McLaren for the GG2H rally a few years back).

We picked up my car today and grabbed a few pics on the way home, before it got too many bug guts splattered on it. I love the look of a freshly detailed car, especially one that now has a protective vinyl wrap keeping it safer from chips, dings, bugs, washing, and all the other things that would turn its paint into scratchy swirls, annoying divots, and faded patches.

Here's hoping the universe keeps its grubby little paws off the Bad Luck Stick for a while, so I can put some well-deserved miles on this puppy...