Wednesday, October 04, 2006

bad / good

Bad: You wake up and realize it's trash day and you didn't take the trash out.

Good: You wake up *before* the trash guys have come by, so you get everything to the curb in time.



scifiguyuk said...

Hey there. Long time no my case anyway. How've you been?
What did you think of the 'conclusion' to the experience? And also the S3 premiere?
I also noticed in your Neil Gaiman post that you are a Babylon 5 fan! Gotta say, I'm with you on that one! I recently purchased the complete universe boxset, and have only watched season 1 so far, but it rocks! Just thought I'd mention that as I don't know a whole lot of B5 fans! Anyway, hope all's good. Laters xxx

stacey said...

Hey there...good to hear from you! I thought the final "Rachel, I am your father" video was interesting, but no surprise. I did like the "to be continued" touch of having Alvar reopen, and the Mittelwerk hack of the newly-reopened site. The irony of "Mittelwerk as Persephone", hacking the websites, made me giggle...

Very good to meet another B5 fan! It's one of my favorites series...the writing, the characters, the stories. I broke down and bought the entire series on DVD at the beginning of the summer, and it was like revisiting an old friend. I also really liked being able to watch the episodes back-to-back...I caught so many little things that I'd missed when it was broadcast.

I got another friend hooked on I would finish each season, I'd pass off the DVDs to him, then we'd talk about them the next week. Like a book club, only with was pretty fun.

I have to say, the *completeness* of the B5 storyline is awesome...JMS didn't leave many things unanswered. Even bits of story that you didn't even mark as crucial turned up three episodes later. I loved the "hey, it's *that* guy from earlier on!" feeling. :^)

Oh, and once you get through season three or four, be sure to watch the movie "In the Beginning" is an amazing summary of the whole beginning of the Earth/Minbari war, and it brings together a lot of bits of episodes in one incredibly cohesive whole. You see Sheridan in his pre-B5 command, the "King Arthur" character taking the shot that started the Minbari war, and on and on. It's an amazing story, and is even more relevant after watching the individual episodes.

I love well-told stories... :^)