Wednesday, October 11, 2006

multi-purpose kitchen tool

Try using your french press to froth hot cocoa...yummmmmmy.

How to:
Mix milk and cocoa, microwave until hot enough, put into press, rapidly move plunger up and down until cocoa is frothed the way you like it. Presto! A fluffy, chocolatey, indulgenty drinky! For extra hedonism, sprinkle chocolate flakes on top...then sit back, sip it down, let the chocolate froth foam your cares away.

Bonus tip: The press is also a great way to brew up your loose leaf tea. Crazy multi-purpose!


scifiguyuk said...

Hey there. How you doin? How's things with you? Hope all is good.
Now here comes the compulsory Lost question. What did you think of 'The Glass Ballerina'? Good enough I guess. Prety solid episode. Sun/Jin episodes are always good. Anyway, other than Lost I hope life is treating you well. Laters.

stacey said...

Hey there! Life goes on...have a busy few weeks coming up, culminating in a week in Vegas with my parents [the main reason I'm on this hiatus is to spend time with them, so looking forward to it]. Once I get back from that, it's time to get working trying to enjoy the remaining time off while I can. It's that feeling you get on a Sunday afternoon of "gotta hurry and relax, now, now, NOW!" :^)

I really liked 'The Glass Ballerina'...I thought it was more solid than the premiere, actually. The Jin/Sun/Jae/Sun's dad dynamic is very you think Jin knows that Sun had an affair with Jae? The way it was written didn't make that really could take what Jin said and did either way.

The one thing that really bugged me was the two big strong guys leaving Sun alone on the boat...that was a bit "duh!" for me. But it set up a good confrontation with Sun and the Other woman [she knows Sun's name and background...interesting], so it wasn't all bad.

The next episode is supposed to be Locke/Eko/Charlie...really looking forward to that one.

On a different note: are you following "Heroes" at all? Is it being broadcast in the UK?

Saw your latest post on your's hard, isn't it? Figuring out which relationships should be let go and which are worth fighting to maintain? And even harder to realize that sometimes, it's not up to you...