Sunday, December 10, 2006


Today was a day of connections. One of those days when you feel a part of the world, and for some reason seem to be interacting with it more than usual. When people make eye contact, say 'hello', smile more than usual, when for some reason, you are making more of an effort than you normally do, and yet it comes easily and isn't an effort at all.

There were the sweet and slightly wacky instant messages from my dad to start the day with a smile. Then came the webcam and quick chat with Steve [with Tash and Max looking on]. The time spent at the Cartoon Art Museum, chatting away with Dave, Greg, and Liz. The email from John [aka "JNL" or "John - Not Locke"] with the update on his dad [happily, he finally had his bypass after too many delays and complications, and seems to be doing as well as can be expected]. The incredibly sweet Swiss man at Rite-Aid, shopping for toiletries because his suitcase had been lost by the airline. Even the homeless man in San Francisco, who thanked me for having a sense of humor [his sign asked for money for the "United Negro Pizza Fund", and I couldn't help but smile], and who forgave me for not having any spare change on me [one drawback of a plastic society: not as much ready cash]...even that was a connection. Sending text messages to my mom and dad made me feel closer to them. And in just a bit, I'm going to go write my weekly letter to my Aunt Essie, keeping that connection across the miles.

It's hard to turn the page on a day like today, especially when I am feeling the lack of those connections in the workaday world. In a way, though, it makes me treasure them all the more...they are that much more special. Life is all about's what makes it all worthwhile.

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