Sunday, December 17, 2006

gimme gimme

Traveled down to Santa Cruz last night to see "Me First and the Gimme Gimmes" with Jen, with a stop at Sestri's for a surprise party for her friend Deb [weird synchronicity: I've had tickets to this concert for a while now, and three days before, Jen gets the invite to the party literally 2.5 miles away from the club where the band was playing].

Some highlights of my night:

* getting lost on the way to the restaurant
* very good Lemon-cello Drop
* the mangled cake
* someone fixing the cake
* the cake now saying "Happy Birthday Delorah" [instead of "Deborah"]
* playing with confetti
* meeting Sherri [I have no idea how to spell her name]
* Sherri joining us for the concert
* realizing that the club was the same place I saw "Men at Work" with Susy so many years ago
* the opening band, "Starving Millionaires"
* the second bad suxxOred!!
* Vic, Andrew, BirthdayBoy
* "You're my girlfriend!"
* Jagermeister shots [ugh]
* nice ego boosting from a 24-year-old cutie
* looking good for a 31-year-old
* dancing to the Gimmes [when they were actually playing, and not bantering]
* "Someone here has a high protein diet!!"
* paranoid Andy Dick trying to light up
* the entertaining mosh pit
* stopping in a parking lot to pull out the leftovers
* my car's freeze warning beeping at us on the way home
* the incredibly looooong stretch of 85
* getting home after 1am

And most of all:

* getting to spend time with Jen

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