Sunday, December 10, 2006

support your local comic artist

Spent the afternoon at the SF Cartoon Art Museum, chatting with Dave Kellett of "Sheldon" fame []. I had a great time, got excellent recommendations for other comics to read, bought his first book and got it signed, and came away with two original sketches. I already had his second book [the special Author's Edition, limited to 250 copies and with cool sketches in the front], and he was gracious enough to personalize it for me.

If you haven't checked out Sheldon yet, I highly's one of my favorites. And if you get the chance, go see Dave at one of his personal's worth it.

[And those two people in the back are Greg and Liz...check them out at I'm rapidly getting hooked on that one too.]


I framed the sketches, and man do they look nice...check them out! [clicky-clicky for biggy-biggy]

Sheldon and Arthur

Gramps and Flaco

And here is Zena checking out the you can tell by the motion blur, she is giving them a very enthusiastic nod:

In fact, she loved them so much that she *insisted* on posing with them...what a ham.

Late night update...Pepper also approves!

[You can also check the pics out at Flickr:]

Thank you, Dave, for sharing your time and was a blast. And seriously...if you or Greg need a roadie for ComicCon07, I'm there. :^)

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