Saturday, April 21, 2007


Figures. Can't sleep. The little bit of sleep I did get was plagued with dreams about work [coordinating with our distributor to get eval units of BlueCoat SG-200A boxes, if you were curious...aren't you glad you asked?]. Yeesh.

Was awakened by Bean snuggling up by my armpit...or rather, by her plastic surgery collar smooshing into my face. She's resting a little better tonight than last night, thankfully. Still restless, but able to lie still for a longer period. She's still hurting, and makes little 'mew' sounds sometimes when she moves or tries to stand, but I'm seeing an improvement.

So I'm up for a bit to try to exorcise the brain monkeys, catch up on some online stuff, tire myself out a bit. Bean's next meds aren't due for another 3.5 hours, so I've got a bit of time to snag some zees [or zeds, if you prefer] if I can shut off the brain for a while...

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