Tuesday, April 17, 2007

the latest bean news

I take Bean in first thing tomorrow morning for her surgery. The mass is still in her bladder, though the good news is that the doctor doesn't think it looks like a tumour [but he carefully said that he had no idea what it was, so at this point, it could be anything and he wouldn't know for sure until he opened her up].

So tonight I try to keep her comfortable, give her all the water she wants but no food starting this evening [I need to find a place that Pepper can get to it but she can't], then take her in tomorrow morning. They called me a little bit ago with an estimate for the surgery: $840 to $1220, depending on what the mass is, what analysis is needed, and if a biopsy is required. And since the last go-around cost me about $500, and Saturday's visit was $200 [even with a '$30 off your first visit' coupon], I am freaking out a bit. And then I feel guilty for worrying about the money...you'd like to think that you could just say "Do what it takes to make her better, money is no object". But it is...so you walk that line between guilt, responsibility, caring, and cold logic and numbers. Heavy sigh...

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