Tuesday, February 12, 2008


still fighting the migraine...longest one i've had. ow. but can't lose another day of work to it, so trying to get up and get moving. of course, today is the 10a to 3p meeting to go over the fixed assets portion of the huge oracle project, which is why i can't miss the day...but also why i know i'm going to be frickin' miserable all day.

isn't being an adult fun, boys and girls?


Anonymous said...

*blarg*. If you're not feeling better soon, you should go see a Dr. cuz there are great drugs they can give you to help you out. I have some if you need them in a pinch, but better to go yourself if'n you get a chance... Feel better soon, chickie.

stacey said...

Hugs...thanks for that. We haven't bothered with the meds before now, since they only hit every few months...but if this one keeps up much longer, it's time to pull out th heavy guns and try some Zomig on that bad boy.

Miracles of modern medicine, baby...