Friday, March 21, 2008


Server issues...power outage in the server room, no UPSes to help shut things down nicely, database closed dirty. Makes the week perfect, since Monday started with a dead database and many hours lost [in large part because the major users of the database didn't let me run maintenance on it a week prior, when it started failing consistency checks: "We have deadlines, we can't afford the three hours of downtime you are asking for." So instead they ended up with nearly a day of downtime, closer to the's that working out for ya, huh?].

Running consistency checks now...knocking on wood, crossing fingers, circling thrice widdershins around the sacred oak [shout out to my FB peeps on that one, yo!!], visualizing success, bribing the silicon gods, whatever it takes to help make sure that I don't have to come into work *this* weekend as well.

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