Monday, March 17, 2008

fun with facebook statuses

Been a rough morning...database issues, politics, servers running out of room, much joyfulness. In my last email to the people involved in the current kerfuffle, I recommended that they 'keep their fingers crossed, make their sacrifices to the silicon gods, knock on wood, walk thrice widdershins around the sacred oak, whatever it takes to keep the good vibes going'.

Then I changed my Facebook status to:

"Stacey is knocking on wood and walking thrice widdershins around the sacred oak."

Within seconds, this popped up [names changed to protect the guilty]:

"Bob is wondering what a widdershin is."

Then from another friend:

"Steve is a sacred oak."

So I changed mine:

"Stacey is walking around Steve. Thrice. Widdershins."

And just now saw this:

"Steve is getting dizzy from people circling him."


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