Monday, March 10, 2008

i want another weekend

Friday night was awesome...dinner, movie, hanging out, good company, lunch the next day, recharging, good times. Saturday evening started out well; I finally got to spend time with Lawrence and the kids, give Claudia her birthday present, and catch up with a very important part of my life. Then, halfway through dinner, the phone rings...a database server is acting up. Tried to help over the phone, but no I had to bail and head in to work late in the evening. Hours later, it's finally back, so I head home for some sleep.

Then it's up and about and time to get some errands run...except that in the middle of it, another phone call. Database is slow, can I suggest anything. Turns out it's just running a consistency check after shutting down dirty, but to be safe, I head back in Sunday evening. I strongly suggest that I run more thorough maintenance on the database, but they say they can't take the two hours of downtime it would take. I try to convince them that it is a very good idea to run the maintenance, but they say they'd rather keep cranking as they have a tight deadline. Sigh.

Cut to Monday, busy day [though an excellent lunch to celebrate an awesome friend's awesome birthday <grin>]. Don't get home until after 8:00p [such is life at Facebook], and half an hour later, the phone rings. Database is slow again. Grumble. I remember that a backup is happening, which will slow things down a bit; I suggest that we wait to let it finish. The person on the other end [a really nice guy] hems and haws, and so I end up going back into the office to stop the backup so they can keep working.

Of course it doesn't go smoothly, so I end up having to contact some IT folks to find out where the physical machine is located so I can reboot it. Thanks to them [shout out to FB IT, yo!], it got rebooted, I got a second set of eyes to check things out, and the database is back online. It still needs the heavy maintenance, so I will be putting in another late night soon to make it happen...but for now [knock *heavily* on wood], things look okay.

So now I'm finally home again, trying to wind down. Stop, breathe, inhale, exhale. Shake it off. It's all good. Tomorrow is another day. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. Cliche, trite saying, homily.

Life at Facebook...ain't it grand? :^)

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