Monday, April 28, 2008

a much needed break

This weekend was good. Friday night was shopping for a dress for Lawrence [yup, "for" him...he did a "Red Dress Run" with the Silicon Valley Hash House Harriers on Saturday. Can't wait to see the pictures.]. Good times, lots of laughs, awesome sushi, then we saw "Forbidden Kingdom" [it was a little campier than I had hoped, but seeing Jackie Chan and Jet Li together was worth it]. Saturday was tux browsing with Brian...found an awesome one that I can't wait to see on him next week. After that was a very chill weekend [though only in attitude, since the temps were in the 90s all weekend], with movies [the Robin Hood trifecta: Mel Brooks, Disney, and Errol Flynn], good company, naps, lying on the grass watching the stars, playing on the playground, and just generally enjoying the weekend.

And now it's back to the grind. It's getting a little tougher each week; the stomach flip-flops on the drive in, tossing and turning at night, playing the whole 'pros/cons' game. It's always tough when you aren't doing what you really want to do, especially when the times are hectic. And though I've been promised some time off "when the dust settles", the reality is that the dust won't be settling for at least another two to three months. Which doesn't sound like too long, until you realize that it's been pretty much solid 'go-go-go' since last September...

Okay, enough whinging. Grindstone, meet nose...nose, meet grindstone.

[bonus fact: the opening song from Disney's "Robin Hood" is the source for the classic internet meme "HampsterDance".]

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