Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Today is Facebook's Game Day. Ten teams wearing their team colo(u)rs, playing things like dodgeball, tug-of-war, and so on. Ever since the teams were picked, the offices have been inundated with team propaganda: "Purple Reign" signs, oranges appearing on desks, red poster paint on the bathroom mirrors, the social email list deluged with "<color_of_team> rules!" messages, and so on. This week has been "spirit week", so the shenanigans and trash talking have escalated.

And today is the day.

Me? I'm not so much the "rah rah, drink the kool-aid" type [go fig], so I'm going to be cranking away at my desk, trying to get through the pile of additional stuff the auditors need. I'll head over in the afternoon for the company photo, but will mostly be heads down at my desk, taking advantage of the silence.

Go team.

[okay, that came out a bit sarcastic, but I actually meant it...have fun, you guys.]

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