Sunday, April 06, 2008

shifting gears

It's always hard to let go of a good time, especially when you've been able to escape for a while and leave the world behind. There's a bit of sadness and melancholy, and more than a little 'want to throw a tantrum and kick and scream and shout 'NOOOOO!! III DOOOOON'T WANNNNAAA!!' in protest', whilst holding on tooth and nail to every last little bit of peace and contentment, knowing that soon the daily routine starts again, your time is no longer your own, and you are once again at the mercy of the requirements and demands and needs and whims of others around you.

But as hard as it is to let go, at least you had those times...and there is a better than average chance of having more like them. Which in turn gives you a firmer handle on just what it is you go through that daily routine for: for moments just like those. Remember, you aren't living to work, you are working to live.

The distinction is important. And *that* is what you should hold on to with all your's what makes it all worthwhile.

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