Monday, April 21, 2008

wow...who knew??

There exists a formal dress that I actually like, that is flattering for my 'born in the wrong era' figure, that wasn't *too* horribly expensive [though that is a relative term...let's just say it rounds up to $200]. And believe it or not, it was the second dress I tried on...and the first dress was also a 'wow, who knew?' [though this one was even more so]. Found shoes that fit and went well with the dress, found jewelry that should go nicely, got a wrap to keep my shoulders warm. All in all, a quite productive and not-as-exhausting-as-I'd-expected day...thanks in very, very large part to my shopping partner [shout-out to Susy!].

The only drawback is that the back laces up...which makes it a bit difficult to get into on my own. Susy has sweetly volunteered to be my 'lady-in-waiting' if needed, and I might have to take her up on that...or else draft Brian to do the final tweaks to my wardrobe that night. :^)

Thanks again, was a blast.

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Susy said...

Well, it might mean that I could actually meet the ever-elusive Brian....