Monday, June 23, 2008

too strong?

The lonely night is taunting her
Nowhere to hide, no safe escape
Locked tight within her skull and heart
The pressure builds, the dam will break

The dam will break, she hopes, she dreams
Release will come and pain will ebb
But bastard walls are holding strong
No respite there inside her head

Inside her head the shadows grow
Watching, waiting, cruelly tease
Catharsis come, she begs, she cries
She only wants a moment's peace

A moment's peace would give her hope
Tools to handle what must be
She doesn't ask for cure complete
Just a chance to set them free

Set them free, her feelings strong
Allow the pressure to surcease
Reset the gauge to bottom line
Giving her some sweet release

Sweet release, however brief
A simple chance to charge and breathe
To loosen up, to live and do
And be and go and try and see

To try and see what life can give
Without the shade that few can see
Damn the lack of cleansing tears
This lonely night is taunting me

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