Monday, July 07, 2008

catching up

Tired. Work is getting to me...only so much energy to go around, and the mask is having to suffer. Things outside work go well, but with some very bittersweet overtones and heartache on the horizon. Trying to live 'now' and enjoy where my path has brought me...the whole "don't trouble trouble 'til it troubles you" approach. Never enough time for the things I want to do and the people I want to be with, and always too much that has to be done. Individual moments and periods of surprising contentment and happiness...wouldn't trade those for anything, even with the near future looming. Just need to shut up the 'yeahbutwhatif' part of me so I can relax into now. Easier said than done...


Anonymous said...

Friday's child is loving and caring. From someone who knows

Rowlock said...

Very much easier said than done, but I think the right thing to shoot for at the moment. Take the time you need to do what must be done, mi amiga, and know that the people who care about you understand.

We're rooting for you, and will be right here waiting until life calms down, helping where we can, and sending luck for everything else.

For your part, just try to remember that we know you're worth waiting for.