Sunday, October 12, 2008

of course

Furnace isn't working. 54 degrees in the house.


Update - 20081017: still no furnace...apparently they are waiting for parts.

20081022: still waiting

20081024: the landlord's handyman husband finally gave up...they will be calling someone today


Rowlock said...

Ugh. A cold house is no fun at all. :( It's a little warmer down here than it was last night - hope the same is true where you are this evening.

A couple years ago in the UK, I spent a good few weeks of fruitless engineer visits trying to get the furnace fixed in my flat. It turned out that the wires between the furnace and the thermostat were for control only, and did not carry power. The thermostat had a battery in it, which after six or seven years no longer had enough juice to trip the relays in the furnace.

But to change the battery, or more importantly, to even see that the thermostat *required* a battery, you had to remove two screws and lift the unit off of the wall. This was, shall we say, less than obvious.

So that might be something to check, if you haven't already. I'd hate for you to be freezing for the sake of a fresh 9-volt cell. Well, I hate for you to be freezing period, but you know what I mean...

Anyway, fingers crossed for a quick fix, mi amiga.

Rowlock said...

Still nothing? Blimey.

Does "waiting for parts" mean they know what's wrong? Or would that be a case of sheer unbridled optimism?