Wednesday, August 26, 2009

cracker jacks, etc.

Ballgame with Will last night, Giants vs. Arizona Diamondbacks. Went with Callahan, Serge, and Betsy, thanks to a vendor who offered tickets to the Virgin America Loft at AT&T Park. Awesome seats, good time, and one of the more exciting final 15 minutes of a baseball game I've seen. Giants were ahead by 3 going into the 9th, and they managed to give up two runs in about 10 minutes...finally won it on a wimpy little ground drive, snagged and thrown to first. Final score, 5 to 4, Giants. Cheer, yell, whoo.

[btw, the Loft was amazing. I was expecting one of the skyboxes: glassed in, sterile, removed. Nope. This thing is fricking *right* down on the field, just beyond 1st, with a full row of outdoor seats to go with the fancypants indoor area. Very nice, close to the action, excellent view of everything, and directly under the effing COLD water that goes spewing high into the air when the Giants hit a home run. Not too shabby.]

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