Thursday, August 06, 2009

renaissance man

Will got sworn in last night as a volunteer firefighter for Santa Clara county. It was a good time...rather 'thrown together', with the chief confusing the times for the ceremony, but worked out well. His friends were there to share it with him: Nate and Kim and their daughter Molly, and Jon and Bree and their son Logan. It was good to hang with them, especially since we got extra time together because we showed up an hour early, due to the aforementioned confusions. Saw Manuel and Ross again, which was cool; got to see and meet some of the other guys. Will took the oath, we got some pictures taken [thanks Nate!], he got assigned to his company, met his captain and his company mates, and then we headed out.

So now I'm dating a skydiving, motorcycle-riding, firefighting [soon], snowboarding, mountain-biking man who is currently in ground school as he works towards his pilot's license.

Makes me tired just watching him. <grin>

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Anonymous said... resume there and that isn't even his work. If I would say that Will is an adrenaline junkie would I be right? Anyway, thumbs up and congrats to Will.

P.S. Around here we have the volunteer firefighter certification (not sure how many hours this class is)and the professional firefighter certification (240 hrs) they out there? Is he thinking of going fulltime professional?