Monday, August 24, 2009

a very good weekend indeed

Friday was fun, with the desk decoration and cake and hanging with folks at Facebook's weekly happy hour. Friday night was chill, feeding the cats, hanging out with Will, snarfing nummy Panda Express Orange Chicken [they now sell the Orange Sauce in bottles!!], grabbing pieces of Safeway carrot cake [my favorite!] for the next day, and generally relaxing and enjoying not having to do anything or be anywhere. Which pretty much describes the weekend, actually...with the exception of Will's meeting with his flight instructor and some work maintenance on Sunday, the entire weekend was ours to do with as we pleased. It was one of the more relaxed weekends I've had in a very long time, even though we did a lot of running around and got a lot of stuff done.

Saturday morning started earlier than hoped, but was still good. Can't complain about a day that starts with birthday carrot cake and beautiful flowers first thing in the morning. Then we rambled about, watching some telly, taking it easy, and headed out into the day. Got a lot of things done: furniture shopping for Will, computer shopping, lots of running around...but all of it was stuff we *wanted* to do, not *had* to do. Amazing what a difference that makes. Found a couple of *awesome* shirts for Will at Marc Ecko Cut and Sew...polos that fit him perfectly, with the Cut and Sew logo on them [look it up and you'll see why I like it <grin>]. Found a nice zip-up hoodie for me there, and it was crazy on sale...ten bucks, baby. It was a fun retail therapy day [complete with a shared Cinnabon], though a bit hard for me...I'm fairly careful with my money, and very used to being self-sufficient and taking care of myself, so it's odd and hard for me to relax and let someone else pay for things for me. And it's especially awkward right now, because Will isn't quite used to the fact that I don't expect or need him to buy things for me, so there's some adjusting we are doing [but as far as adjustments go, it's a good problem to have].

Along those lines, I am now a proud user of a Mac Pro awesome kick-ass desktop machine. It's a hand-me-down: I'm still a bit woogy with having things bought for me, so a new machine just for me wasn't an option. Instead, Will upgraded to a new one, and I get to use his old one, which is by no means obsolete [or even close]. Now I've finally got a machine powerful enough to game with...which is dangerous indeed. There goes my last excuse for avoiding EQ2... :^)

Sunday was a bit more along the 'things we *have* to do' line: furniture delivery and setup, Will had his flight instruction and work maintenance, but the rest of the time was ours. Dinner at Blowfish Sushi [seriously good], random running about for bedding and supplies, and a camera purchase for Will. Actually, a lot more money was spent for him than me over my birthday weekend...but I'm okay with that. <grin>

All in all, a very good time...there were loved ones that I wished could be there to share it with me, and I missed them horribly, but in general, a good time. So now it's back to work, back to the grind. Always a bit harder to do after a free-form weekend like that...but a girl's gotta make a living, right?

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