Tuesday, September 08, 2009

mostly crappy weekend

Maybe not full-on "crappy", but it was a bummer of a weekend. Will was on-call, and he got called. A lot. Every day of the three-day weekend, for hours at a time. Even when he'd addressed the issue at hand, he still needed to stay online and be available as others did their sides of things, so we were held hostage all weekend.

Managed to salvage some of it late Monday [after he'd been working from 8a past 2p]...grabbed some lunch, got some shopping done, did some wandering about. But it's just not the same the night before you head back to work as it is the first day of a three-day weekend... :^(

Oh well. Life goes on and all that crap. We have jobs, we have family [blood and chosen], we have each other, we have our health. Guess I shouldn't bitch too much, eh?

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