Tuesday, September 15, 2009

yay! boo!

yay! weekend!
boo! grumbly pissy Stacey for no really good reason...

yay! thunder, grey skies, and rain...my favorites!
boo! Will's first flying lesson was scrubbed due to turbulence...

yay! Fun times in San Jose for Jon's birthday...yummy dinner, then a movie with the gang.
boo! No boo for this one...it was a good time, got to see folks again and meet some new ones, found some amazing and random stuff in common with his sister. Anti-boo!

yay! Will got to throw ladders and get more practice with SCBAs with the SCFD!
boo! he ended up with bruises, sore muscles, and an out-of-alignment back :^(

yay! Will got to go flying the next day!
boo! Stacey lost her grey skies and rain <grin>

yay! Mountain View Art & Wine Festival
boo! uhhh...no boo on that one, either. I really enjoyed being there with Will. Huzzah! A win!

yay! Stacey cranked and beat a work deadline by more than a day!
boo! it all starts over again, with nary a break...

yay! really good dental check-up!
boo! dentist chair = neck pain = headache and neck spasms = monster migraine [owee]

yay! ice pack, migraine meds, and dark room
boo! no interwebs whilst lying flat on your back, so later, gator...off I go

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