Monday, November 16, 2009

sick cats, long nights, and great big seas

A 'meh' weekend...Friday was spent burning a sick day and getting further behind at work, had to stay home with Bean [who wasn't doing well]. That set the pattern for the weekend: keeping an eye on her, trying to get her to eat, medicating her, cleaning her up when she needed cleaning, trying to give her plenty of chances to stay quiet.

Sunday night was an attempt at a more normal evening: Will and I headed to Santa Cruz to see Great Big Sea. It was weird being there, seeing Alan's shoulder-length brown hair and realizing it hasn't changed in years. Many years. Then I thought about just how long I've been going to see the guys in concert, and realized it's likely been fourteen or fifteen years. Wow. Which started me thinking about life back then, and Ope and Kristen visiting and Ope getting so excited about this Celtic group he wanted to share with us, only to have me run to the CD collection and pull out their album. He was a bit disappointed that he wasn't the one to do the introducing, but then he realized how awesome it was that we'd been drawn to the same group, and we had an awesome time playing the album, trying to sing along with 'Mari-Mac' and 'End of the World' [and failing hilariously].

GBS still has it...same three core guys, Alan, Sean, and Bob, singing their hearts out and having a blast. Venue was a bit odd, seats instead of an open dance floor, but everyone came together and stood up and danced, in spite of the chairs. Their voices are awesome, they played the classics, the crowd pleasers, and some new stuff. They closed the evening by coming away from the microphones, standing on the edge of the stage, motioning for the crowd to quiet down...and then singing an amazing acapella song. No mikes, no instruments, just the guys singing in beautiful harmony to a very receptive crowd.

Can't wait to see them come around again. Can't believe how many times I've seen them come around already. And I can't believe the changes my life has gone through, and that a little band from Newfoundland has been one of the constants through an inconstant time.

Thanks for the soundtrack, guys.

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