Friday, December 18, 2009

random neuron firings

It's funny the memories that pop up:

Dad twirling me up in the rope tire swing, then letting go and watching as I spun back down and giggled like crazy...then jumping back quickly as I threw up on his feet.

Mom's spaghetti, Dad's goulash.

Riding in the car with Grandma, listening to her eight-track of "Hit the Road, Jack".

Dad chasing the armadillo.

Dad catching the armadillo.

Christmases in lots of places, with two constants: Mom and Dad making us wait while they finished their coffee [sheer torture, trust me], and Dad's awesome pocket knife that could open any package.

Driving Mom's Jetta around the block from the garage, and not stalling it once [never got out of first, but still...].

Moving into the house in Trinway, and the various stages it went through over the years.

Mom and Dad, cuddling in the recliner, giggling over some private joke.

And new ones being made now, and which will inspire a 'gosh, I remember when' blog post years from now:

Dad being there at the airport...with bells on.

Dad fixing bacon and eggs, and the bacon being just right...crispy on the ends, less in the middle.

Being shown cool lights and knives and tools and bags, and getting to pick from a large selection.

Realizing even more things that I have in common with Dad.

That's what it's all about: the memories, the experiences, the sharing. So thank you, da, for sharing time with me...

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